Picore International's Loss Prevention Strategies

Picore International's Loss Prevention Strategies

The objective: maximize profits through reducing theft/ shrinkage.

According to the National Retail Security Survey, shrinkage is divided into 5 categories: 46.8% employee theft, 31.6% shoplifting, 14.4% from administrative error, 3.75% from vendor error, 2.86% from unknown error.

On an average, most retailers experience shrinkage of less than 2% but some smaller retailers often experience monthly and annual shrinkage percentages as staggering as 20%.

Picore International will partner with the client to evaluate, plan and develop a viable shrinkage prevention program to decrease shoplifting, theft, product tampering, and liability that significantly impacts the retail environment. Our management team, with strong operations and experience in the retail loss prevention industry, will deliver excellence in program development and sustainability.

Maximum Security with Minimum Disruption.