Q90® - State of the Art Technology

Our own unique mobile platform customized for your needs:

Q90® is Picore’s own technology for incident and case management software that allows our officers to make better decisions about proactive security operations thus decreasing security incidents for the client.

  • Decision making based on incidents reported, necessitates data easily disseminated at any moment.
  • Real time security reporting and instant incident notification to designated clients.
  • Incident reporting and their locations are automatically synced for tour tracking on one site, multiple sites or for patrols.
  • Tracks time and attendance.
  • Post orders and post order updates.
  • Daily activity reports.
  • Officer scheduling and training memos.
  • Incident reports and incident crime trend tracking.

Reporting Suspicious activity is critical to increase the accuracy of our threat assessment reports for each property.

All that is needed is a smartphone and our officers are online creating a safer environment for our clients.

Email us now for a demonstration. eric@picoreinternational.com